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Pudgy Pies

As Tyler Leipprandt of Michigan Sky Media and his family spend their summers camping across Michigan, they know that yummy campfire food is all part of the memory-making. And no campfire cuisine is complete without a Pudgy Pie.


  • Refrigerated tube biscuits
  • Cooking spray
  • Pudding or pie filling
  •  Wooden dowels


  1. Use a 5-inch diameter wooden dowel attached to a roasting stick and spray wooden dowel with cooking spray.
  2. Flatten and stretch one biscuit over the end of the dowel. Roast over the fire slowly until biscuit cup is cooked through.
  3. Let cool and carefully remove from the dowel.
  4. Fill the biscuit cup with your favorite pudding or pie filling or make as a s’more with a roasted marshmallow and chocolate.

Read the full story about Tyler Leipprandt here.

2 Reviews

  1. Carol Farrance

    Funny when I read the recipe for Pudgy Pies in May issue of Country Lines. We do something similar around campfires, though we call ours “Broomstick Biscuits” . Use same biscuits (10 count), wrap 3 around end of broomstick, bake over fire till golden brown, pull off, stick roasted hotdogs down center. Dip with mustard and/or ketchup. More savory recipe. Sand end of broomstick or dowel rod. Helps when they’re seasoned. Enjoy!

  2. veggiechickrecipes

    Hi Carol, what a cute idea! Thanks for sharing. =)


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