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Gelatin Grapes

Recipe by
HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative  
30 minutes approximately to dry
Prep: 5 to 10 minutes approximately |


  • seedless grapes (an assortment)
  • boxed flavored sugar gelatin


  1. Wash grapes and shake off excess water, remove grapes from their stems, place in a sealed bag or lidded bowl.
  2. Pour the flavored sugar gelatin over the grapes.
  3. Seal bag or bowl and shake gently until all grapes are coated.
  4. With a small tong, remove grapes and place on cookie sheet to dry.
  5. Mixing favorite flavors of gelatin on any seedless grape creates a beautiful display. Serve in a fun summer container with sides preferably (the grapes can roll around) and use either tasseled toothpicks to pick up or small plastic tongs.
  6.  NOTE: High Humidity may increase drying time. Photo does not show final dish.

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